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PR Opinions has released its 2005 PR Opinions Survey. The sample of 122 respondents offers a good glimpse into the attitudes and beliefs of the Web-savvy blog reading contintingent of the public relations community. The fact that he generated 100 percent more respondents this year than last is an illustration of the growing power of blogs.

DPK Public Relations client Energy Maintenance Services Group I, LLC (EMS Group) was featured in the recent Houston Business Journal article "Power Play," published on March 18, 2005 (under Strategies - Information for Emerging Companies). Click here to read the article. If DPK Public Relations can help your organization increase its visibility and get its story out, contact Dan Keeney, APR at or dial 214-432-7556.

In this article on the subject of media interview training, published on February 12, 2005 in Canada''s National Post, DPK Public Relations'' Dan Keeney, APR, advocates being prepared and taking control. Reporter Gigi Suhanic reports that what a chief executive says before TV cameras or in print can affect a company''s reputation by as much as 50%. Given what is at stake and that there are any number of gleeful bloggers out there to pounce on a verbal misstep, media training has become ver

The term “hostile takeover” usually conjures images of warriors in dark suits doing battle in boardrooms. They involve big bucks, backroom deals and blind ambition. However, takeovers can strike organizations in many different forms, all of which can cause severe damage to an organization’s reputation. The loss of control, even if temporary, sends powerful signals to those inside and outside a company. How an organization has planned for and responds to these critical events can determine its ul

This feature article highlights what it takes to excel in crisis communications, revealing that Dan Keeney, APR, president of DPK Public Relations, started in the news business at the age of eight and paid his dues in the trenches of broadcast journalism before becoming a respected public relations practitioner. The article appeared in Bylines, a publication of the University of Colorado School of Journalism & Mass Communications of which Keeney is a proud alumnus.

Everything from free speech to owning property is protected by the Bill of Rights. That doesn''t mean there aren''t limits to every right. Same goes in the constant give and take that goes on around the clock between sources and journalists. This article captures the rights interview subjects should insist upong and discusses a few rights that interviewees may think they deserve, but they should not count on.