Don't Think of Media Coverage as the Result - The Result is What Happens Because of the Coverage

4843576916_75c594ba06_z.jpgCheck out this recent coverage in TechTarget secured for client Aldridge, a leading IT services provider with offices throughout the major metropolitan areas of Texas. Aldridge has grown rapidly in recent years. In fact, they are among a small group of companies that have been listed by Inc. as one of America's fastest growing companies for five years running. What an accomplishment!

The story, "Tech acquisitions raise integration issues for channel," in TechTarget offers best practices from Aldridge and describes the company's highly structured integration process the company's leadership has developed as they have acquired nearly a dozen companies in recent years. This process has proven invaluable and it is unique, which is what makes it newsworthy. To Aldridge's credit, they were willing to open the kimono and share insights with their peers, which earned them the starring role in the story.

But the story is about more than Aldridge's systematic approach to M&A activity. It is also about positioning the company for future opportunities. Other companies are attracted to firms that have a successful track record and this article will be shared and discussed throughout the tech community. If a company is considering future suiters, this coverage may help Aldridge enter the conversation. By emphasizing Aldridge's customer-focused approach, the story also supports the company's organic business development activities.

Public Relations can increase positive visibility for your organization and attract positive attention. But media coverage is rarely the result a business desires. What matters to the CEO is what that coverage leads to. Are the phones ringing? Is the website churning out new leads? Are people lining up to try the latest product? That's what matters.

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Photo by Stefan Erschwendner.