Just in time for New Year’s Eve, BoozeMenus.com is the social search guide for Manhattan

boozemenus.jpgNEW YORK CITY, December 7, 2011 – As New Year’s Eve celebrations begin taking shape, the millions who plan to spend the holiday in Manhattan have a new tool to guide their bar hopping. BZE LLC today announced the launch of BoozeMenus.com, developed by Schipul – The Web Marketing Company (www.schipul.com), a leading Web marketing, social media consulting and Web design company.

Powered by WordPress, BoozeMenus.com currently features an easily searchable and rapidly expanding database of more than 300 Manhattan venues, featuring menus, a map to the location, descriptions and reviews. The site’s constantly updated information stream includes the latest news, events and buzz about cocktail trends, promotions, hotspots and nightlife.

“We built BoozeMenus.com to be the go-to social search guide for the movers and shakers in the beverage industry, and everyone who wants to explore something new in Manhattan,” said Founder Betsy Fischman. “Schipul has done a great job of making it easy for everyone who uses BoozeMenus.com to find and share information. Whether you’re looking for a happy hour deal, exciting date spot, a dive bar or an impressive bottle of wine, a quick search can pick the place.”

BoozeMenus.com is advertising-supported and enables venues to submit their menus for free. Fischman plans to expand BoozeMenus.com to more boroughs in 2012 with intentions to eventually add more major cities.

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About Schipul - The Web Marketing Company

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