DALLAS, October 4, 2006 – The Dallas/Fort Worth area has captured the attention of VR Business Brokers, which has sold more businesses in North America than anyone. The company reports that sales of businesses by VR Business Brokers’ Dallas office outpaced the rest of the nation in the second quarter. Officials with VR Business Brokers’ Dallas office say it’s  a sign of the vibrant economy in Dallas/Fort Worth and across Texas.

The Dallas office earned the top ranking by outperforming 96 other VR offices worldwide in transaction volume, racking up a record number of business sales during the period. VR Business Brokers in Dallas links business owners throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area and across Texas to qualified buyers.

“We are seeing increased confidence among business owners that their business has grown in value and that now is a good time to transition to the next chapter in their lives,” said Scot Cockroft, owner of VR Business Brokers in Dallas. “There is also a growing understanding among business owners in DFW area of the role of a business broker in providing a fair and accurate accounting of what a business is worth, helping market the business and assisting in negotiations.”

Cockroft, who was listed among the top 10 by VR Business Brokers last year, understands what it’s like for a business owner to sell. He sold his previous business with the help of VR Business Brokers in Dallas, then turned around and purchased the operation because he was so impressed.

During the second quarter, VR Business Brokers in Dallas closed deals ranging from $9.3 million to $100,000. Texas businesses currently listed on the VR Business Brokers Web site (www.vrbigd.com) range from $2.5 million to less than $50,000.

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About VR Business Brokers
Founded in 1979, VR Business Brokers has sold more businesses in North America than anyone, providing the most extensive training program for its intermediaries and maintaining the largest national database of sold businesses to assist in business valuations. VR Business Brokers has been rated the number one Business Brokerage in the world for 16 of the last 20 years. More information about VR Business Brokers in Dallas is available at (972) 792-0100 or www.vrbigd.com.