Maxim Marine Control Max Docking System Case Study


After years of testing and millions of dollars in investment, Maxum Marine was ready to introduce a new technology that promised to revolutionize recreational boating. The super-cool technology features three hull-mounted thrusters controlled by a joystick that enables the boat to move forward, laterally, diagonally and even pivot 360 degrees. There was a lot on the line for Maxum, which sought to use the technology to reposition itself as a maker of innovative, sophisticated boats.

Objectives were to increase sales of Maxum boats by making a big splash at the world’s biggest boat show and to generate awareness and interest in the new technology and mobilize the boating public to try it.


Our strategies focused on creating buzz:

  • We conducted an aggressive media relations campaign to encourage coverage by regional media as well as trade media around the world.
  • We hired retired Apollo 15 astronaut Al Worden as our spokesman to illustrate the connection between Control Max and the technology used by NASA to dock spacecraft. We also engaged an attention-grabbing street team dressed in space suits who circulated through the show.
  • We developed an educational video and an interactive tool for the Maxum Web site to illustrate what Control Max could do.


Results of the program illustrated the power of public relations:

  • Seventy-five percent of the boats sold at the show contained the new Control Max Docking System. Sales increased three fold for Maxum at the inaugural show.
  • Large lines of people waited to test drive boats equipped with Control Max, causing traffic control problems along the dock.
  • Despite one of the coldest winters ever, thousands of Web site visitors got a feel for the technology through the use of a virtual reality device at