Overcoming_Odds_400.jpgDPK Public Relations is experienced in crisis communications planning, crisis response and crisis recovery.

We have helped clients survive and even benefit from an array of crisis situations. These range from product recalls, workforce layoffs and work-related accidents and deaths to plant closings, regulatory crackdowns and environmental issues.

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Unfortunately, most companies that seek our help in a crisis don't have a crisis plan in place. This is not unusual. 33 percent of respondents to a survey from Refresh Leadership say their companies are as prepared as possible to respond to a crisis. Of the remaining 67 percent of respondents:

- 32 percent said they have no crisis management plan at all;
- 20 percent said they have general guidelines, but no real plan in place;
- 11 percent said they aren’t sure whether or not they have a plan;
- 3 percent said they have a plan, but it is outdated.

Is your company prepared?

DPK Public Relations' Dan Keeney, APR is a crisis communications expert. He has been an integral part of helping to manage the crisis response of dozens of high profile problems. Before a crisis DPK Public Relations can be engaged to develop a crisis management plan, which includes:

  • Vulnerability audits;
  • Establishment of the crisis response team, a notification system and definition of when such a
    team would be mobilized;
  • Development of a step-by-step action plan and checklists;
  • Guidance regarding where to locate and how to outfit a crisis communications center;
  • Simulated crisis training;
  • Media and speaker training;
  • Stakeholder research and analysis;
  • Coalition building, including identification of and recruitment of potential third party supporters;
  • Legislative and regulatory response planning;
  • Development of template background materials;
  • Development of dark Web sites; and
  • Holding statements for a variety of potential situations. 

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Crisis communications planning can help identify an organization's vulnerabilities, which has helped countless companies to make changes in processes or procedures that actually prevent crises. Nonetheless, any organization can find itself thrust into a crisis at any time without warning. How an organization and its leadership responds, especially in the crucial early hours and days, can have an enormous impact on reputations, brands and bottom line. 

DPK Public Relations' approach to crisis management dictates that when a crisis occurs, you will have two priorities:

  • Bringing the crisis under control; and
  • Dealing with the intense media and public scrutiny.


If your interest lies in keeping your organization's reputation intact, you must be prepared to communicate effectively. DPK Public Relations helps clients retain credibility, restore confidence and protect their bottom lines.

In the event of a crisis, we provide business crisis management, which includes:

  • Around-the-clock crisis readiness;
  • Situation assessment and short-term planning;
  • Message development;
  • Crisis-related media outreach and response;
  • Crisis-related outreach to lawmakers and regulators;
  • Development of media information materials;
  • Advocacy advertising;
  • Grass roots mobilization and third party activation; and
  • Crisis-related research and analysis;
  • Medium- and long-range strategic planning to examine what damage has been done by the crisis and how to prevent similar crises, maximize turnaround and minimize sustained damage; and
  • Development and implementation of a communications program to help restore public confidence in the brand and/or corporate reputation


DPK Public Relations is one of America's foremost authorities on PR crisis response:


Warner Bros. to contribute to Aurora relief fund; PR pros say studio handling crisis with care and compassion

Daniel Keeney, President of DPK Public Relations and PR crisis expert, agrees.

“There realistically is no way in the foreseeable future to extricate the Batman brand from this horrific tragedy," he said. "So instead of hoping to get beyond this, the studio needs to accept that this event is a part of this movie from this point forward. A simple way to acknowledge this and recognize as well as honor the victims is to add a slide to the beginning of the movie along with a moment of silence prior to the start of the film.”


BP buys Gulf Coast millions in gear

The payments to governments gave BP the kind of good PR it desperately needed, said Daniel Keeney, president of a Dallas-based public relations firm. By giving money to communities and allowing them to spend it largely as they saw fit, BP also put a buffer between itself and any questionable spending.

"Whether the funds could be perceived as being wasted or not really reflects on the organization accepting the money rather than BP," Keeney said.


Can ‘good cry on Oprah’ fix Tiger’s image?

Knowing that his alleged infidelities stretched into double digits and letting them trickle out one by one has created a public relations nightmare for Mr. Woods that marketing specialists say could easily have been avoided.

“Time is really a great healer in more ways than one,” said Daniel Keeney, president of DPK Public Relations. “If a person has done something wrong, go ahead and get your story out. It will be very painful for a short time, but it will go away.”


Undercover Video Prompts Resignation of NPR CEO, Fund Raiser

For its part, the Aspen Institute is likely weighing just how much harm the video could have on its potential donor and participant base, said Dan Keeney, a communications consultant in Dallas.
“There is a significant downside here if they intend to raise money from conservative circles,” Mr. Keeney said. The Aspen Institute has not yet commented on the video.


Silence about iPhone, Android location tracking demonstrates arrogance

Daniel Keeney, crisis management expert at DPK Public Relations, opines that silence can be a strategically sound response under certain circumstances. “I liken the tracking situation to last year’s outrage over Facebook’s privacy failings,” says Keeney. “Over time, Facebook instituted changes to improve privacy protections, but that passage of time also allowed the issue to cool off.”



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