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Prior to Dan Keeney's public relations career, he worked as a street reporter, anchor and talk show host before assuming the position of director of news and programming for a radio network in Chicago.

The news media is by far the most powerful delivery vehicle in the communications spectrum. For this reason, an organization's media relations strategy is a critical element of its communications mix.

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Working with the media involves opportunities and risks. Many organizations hope to harness the media's reach and influence. Indeed, positive editorial coverage can enhance credibility in a way advertising can never accomplish. Having representatives quoted in an article or interviewed for a newscast can position your organization as an industry leader, responsible corporate citizen, product innovator or consumer advocate.

Yet bad publicity can quickly taint reputations. In business crisis management, media relations efforts often focus on minimizing coverage. Sensationalism, inaccuracies and out-of-context quotes frustrate executives, especially given the speed with which news organizations act.

DPK Public Relations is known for its professional and successful relationships with reporters, editors and producers. Perhaps it's due to the fact that Dan Keeney worked as a broadcast journalist for 10 years, reporting breaking news in Chicago and other major markets.

More likely, the mutual respect is based on our firm's honesty, accessibility and trust. Journalists also know that we contact them with stories, ideas or opportunities only when they are truly newsworthy. And, they can count on us to respond quickly to inquiries and will work with our clients to provide the information and access they desire.

Media relations is a critical aspect of crisis management to ensure stories being reported are accurate and to keep important publics informed about your organization's efforts to control and correct the situation.

Ultimately, even in a crisis, expertly managed media relations can help strengthen an organization's reputation, which can produce qualified leads, generate sales and develop new business for your company.

Our media relations capabilities include:

  • Editorial audits to examine past media coverage;
  • Message developmentto define what will be communicated;
  • Media strategyto determine what to send, to whom to send it and when to send it;
  • Media database development and management;
  • Media materials preparation, including written materials and electronic presentations;
  • Editorial board outreach to ensure the message is delivered to the most important gatekeepers;
  • Development of media-focused Web sites to ensure immediate dissemination of accurate
    information and to correct inaccuracies;
  • Personal outreach to and negotiation with journalists;
  • Development of op-ed pieces through which corporate leadership can express a strong point-of-view to an influential audience; and
  • Media monitoring to evaluate progress and change course, as appropriate.

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DPK Public Relations can help you build relationships with journalists and communicate your story, your way. Our contacts and experience extend from consumer, business, trade and special interest media to national, regional and local outlets in print, broadcast and online formats. Regardless of the medium, we can develop strategies to achieve your media goals.

Many organizations come to DPK Public Relations because they want to get their story out, but they don't know how to get journalists interested. We do. The following are links to feature articles from the Houston Business Journal that resulted from our work on behalf of our clients: