Schipul - The Web Marketing Company Case Study


Public relations can sometimes help leverage trends that achieve business objectives on behalf of a client. Working on behalf of Schipul – The Web Marketing Company, DPK Public Relations identified an opportunity early on to help the Schipul team accelerate growth by cementing the company’s position as experts in social media, which later became the biggest Web trend since the browser was introduced.


Through a strategic public relations program, DPK Public Relations helped the Schipul team define and package its messages, then implemented a broad spectrum of public relations tools and tactics designed to reach influential referral sources with Schipul’s leadership thinking on the subject.

These tactics included:

  • Providing Presentation Skills Training to personnel throughout the organization in order to ensure powerful and consistent message delivery;
  • Placing Schipul personnel as speakers at industry conferences and association gatherings;
  • Helping to develop and negotiating placement of byline articles in trade and business publications, and in online media;
  • Securing placement of Schipul spokespersons in news stories on Web 2.0 and related topics; and
  • Instituting an aggressive news release initiative to keep journalists updated and support Search Engine Optimization strategies.
  • The public relations program has been instrumental in helping to increase the visibility of Schipul – The Web Marketing Company. Moreover, Schipul has achieved rapid growth, with revenue up more than 180 percent in the four years since launching the public relations initiative.