Saint Arnold Brewing Company Case Study


When visitors open the refrigerator at DPK Public Relations, they always have their choice of one of Saint Arnold Brewing Company’s 10 year-round or seasonal brews. DPK Public Relations has been working with Saint Arnold Brewing Company since 2004.

While we hesitate to directly correlate public relations activities to sales (their award-winning products and their excellent business instincts have something to do with their success, after all!) we are proud to be playing an ongoing role in Saint Arnold’s success.

Below is a testimonial from Saint Arnold Brewing's founder and brewer, Brock Wagner:


DPK Public Relations’s media relations experts work closely with Saint Arnold Brewing to gather story ideas and package the information to capture the attention of journalists. The resulting media coverage – throughout Texas and across the country – has helped to strengthen Saint Arnold’s position as the leading craft brewery in Lone Star State.

We promote new product launches, brewery expansions, events, business results and trends. The strategy involves keeping a continuous drumbeat of information flowing from the brewery. Recognizing the value of both traditional and online media coverage, the company’s leadership makes it a point to involve the PR team in its strategic planning.

In recent months, stories have appeared in the Houston Chronicle, Houston Business Journal, Houston Press, Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Austin American-Statesman and San Antonio Express-News, as well as many of the state’s television and radio stations. Saint Arnold is celebrated as a homegrown success story.


While this type of ubiquitous media coverage in the company’s target markets is what we shoot for, both the PR team and the company recognize that it is just a step toward achieving the real business objectives for which we are all striving. The true measure of success is sales.

Since the launch of the brewery’s public relations program in 2004, through 2007, Saint Arnold’s production increased more than 150 percent. This was more than twice the pace of growth for America’s craft brewing industry. The company’s revenues increased nearly 140 percent.

Most recently, Saint Arnold announced the acquisition of a historic building for a new, bigger and better brewery. We are looking forward to being a part of Saint Arnold’s success for years to come.