Media Relations Strategies: New, Interesting, and Powerful Approaches

This program will discuss a variety of media related approaches. Check all preconceived notions, ideas, and rules at the door. It''s time to have a substantive strategic discussion with an expert on what you currently do, why you currently do it, how you currently think, and, just maybe, some new and interesting approaches that might serve your clients in useful, powerful, and productive ways. Be prepared to bend your brain for 90 minutes.

This program will answer several important questions:

  • Do we always have to call the media back?
  • How do you manage management''s concern that we represent the news media''s interests more than we represent the boss'' interests?
  • What strategies are there for responding in ways that are more managerially oriented?
  • Is our only option to spill our guts?
  • How can we use media relations expertise to build the value of the function with management while achieving their objectives?
  • How do we manage that one crucial reporter who always seems to get it wrong?

Organizer Judy Voss, APR


Thu, July 29, 2004
noon - 1:30 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central


This is a teleseminar.