Recipe by Julia Stimson and Robert Wood, second place at the First Annual Saint Arnold One Pot Showdown.


Chicken: 6 lbs cubed or cut into smaller chunks
Pork: 8 lbs cubed
Bacon: 1 lb diced
Chilis: Poblano, Anaheim, Cubanelle and/or Hatch, 24 total, diced
Jalapenos and Seranos: Finely chopped- to taste
Tomatillos: 6 lbs diced
Onions: 6 finely chopped
Garlic: 6 bulbs or so… Crushed and roughly chopped
Cilantro: 1 bunch
Fresh Cumin, Garlic and spices: to taste
Lime: 4
Salt and Pepper: to taste
Chicken Stock: 1 quart
Saint Arnold Amber Ale: 16 bottles
Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #2: 1 bottle
Garnish with Cilantro, Lime Slices, Ancho Chili flakes, Tortilla Crisps and Queso Fresco


Makes 5 gallons in one 22 quart pot. The key is to render the bacon, then brown the meats in the bacon grease. Begin with the pork, then chicken, then the veggies but do them all in smaller batches so they don’t get too mushy.  Add seasoning all along the way.  Then add all sautéed ingredients back in to the pot and add the liquid. 

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