DPK Public Relations is proud to work closely with Lockheed Martin in support of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program in recent years and we enjoy spreading the word about the jaw dropping capabilities of the plane, which is being built in Fort Worth, Texas. We have helped people throughout the organization -- including test pilots, business development executives and manufacturing leaders -- prepare for all types of interactions.

While the program has faced some scrutiny, the feedback from the most important community -- the pilots -- has been universally enthusiastic. This terrific first-person account from British Squadron Leader Frankie Buckler is a great example of why it benefits organizations to have people who can communicate complex information in ways that are easy to understand ready at all times to speak.


Con Coughlin, The Telegraph's defense editor, accompanied a team of Britain’s top gun fighter pilots earlier this month as they arrived in the U.S. to begin testing the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. He was the first British journalist to see a British pilot conduct a perfect test landing.

"...last week at the American military’s Patuxent River naval air base in Maryland, I became the first British journalist to see one of the British pilots conducting a perfect test landing of an aircraft that is set to become one of Britain’s leading strike fighters for the next generation. 

One of the most impressive aspects of Britain’s first stealth warplane is its Rolls Royce vertical landing system, which will enable the aircraft to land on the deck of the new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers that are currently under construction in Scotland." 

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