Kudos to Tom Murphy of PR Opinions for releasing the 2005 PR Opinions Survey. While the sample is still too small with 122 respondents, it offers a good glimpse into the attitudes and beliefs of the Web-savvy blog reading contintingent of the public relations community. The fact that he generated 100 percent more respondents this year than last is an illustration of the growing power of blogs -- and serves as one of the survey''s most important results in itself.

Some of the more interesting findings:

  • The growth of person-to-person communication is the number one trend for public relations.
  • Despite worries that the Internet would serve as a threat to PR, the majority of respondents believe that the Web is having a positive effect on public relations. Of course, these are fairly leading-edge tech savvy respondents.
  • While two out of three believe PR is more than just publicity, close to 90 percent say media relations continues to be a key public relations activity.
  • Respondents worry that the perception of PR may be getting worse, especially with controversy that involves a lack of transparency in various public relations activities.
  • Just one in ten respondents believe there PR practitioners are aspiring to high standards
  • Nearly everyone who responded believe the future is bright and there are great opportunities for public relations.

It is very interesting reading and worth a look.