As a crisis communications counselor, I get called upon to handle plenty of sensitive issues that can make or break a client''s business. But thankfully, we have not been called upon to offer guidance regarding how best to resurrect the troubled professional life (I have a difficult time calling what she does a "career") of Paris Hilton.
So in the interest of public relations professionals and image consultants everywhere, DPK Public Relations is opening this forum to you the reader to offer advice. How would you address the following questions which were posed to us by a reporter with the Chicago Sun Times?
  • How would you rehabilitate Paris Hilton''s image?
  • Would you put her on a media tour, post-prison?
  • What should her talking points be?
  • Would you change the way she dresses?
  • Would you publicize her newfound spiritual side?
  • Would you forbid her to be seen in a club for a year?
  • Would you make her date a Peace Corps volunteer?
Obviously, this is not deep thinking, but there is a portion of the population who really cares about this subject, so have at it. Post your comments for the good of Paris Hilton fans and foes around the globe.
For my money, the team that has managed Mel Gibson''s PR following his ghastly public display of drunken racism and sexism has done the best job of all over the past year -- superior certainly to Don Imus, Michael Richards and other celebrities run amok. Gibson was sufficiently contrite, quickly removed himself from the public eye for rehab and has kept a relatively low profile since his art house movie tanked.
The passage of time is the best friend of individuals and organizations who have acted poorly. The desire to defend yourself -- or worse, attack the critics -- only prolongs the crisis.