In America, we have a Bill of Rights that guides our daily lives. Everything from free speech to owning property is protected. That doesn''t mean there aren''t limits to every right. Same goes in the constant give and take that goes on around the clock between sources and journalists. Over the years of conducting Media Interview Skills TrainingDPK Public Relations has captured the Interviewee Bill of Rights below. We also offer a run-down of a few rights that interviewees may think they deserve, but they should not count on.

You have the right to:

  • Know the topic of the interview;
  • Know the format in which the interview will take place;
  • Ask who else has been interviewed;
  • Have time to answer the question without being interrupted;
  • Deflect questions that are based on speculation, unnamed sources or innuendo;
  • Correct misstatements that you make;
  • Refer to notes to ensure accuracy;
  • Record the interview.

You do not have the right to:

  • Know the questions in advance;
  • Know who else has been interviewed;
  • Review the story before it is published or aired;
  • Change your quotes retroactively;
  • Edit the story;
  • Expect your view to be the only view;
  • Demand that the story be published or be killed.

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