The belief that a crisis can happen to any organization at any time takes on new meaning when your company is accused in television reports of illegally dumping nuclear waste in Eastern Europe. The accused company had no way of producing nuclear waste, but the toxic substance had been found in a Russian warehouse in barrels bearing the company's logo.

Dan was on the international team charged with getting to the root of the allegations and managing the crisis response. The team quickly learned that the company was the victim of an incredible conspiracy by Eastern European organized crime groups to illegally smuggle nuclear waste to Russia. The client's barrels had been stolen in order to mask the cargo.

Rather than playing the part of the victim, however, the team's approach was to aggressively communicate the company's outrage and concern and assures public officials that its security procedures would be strengthened.

As a result, German television reports included the company's messages and later coverage on ABC's 20/20 did not mention the company.