When the News Is Bad: Handling the Toughest Questions And Emotional Questioners

When it comes to answering questions on our feet, most of us think we''re pretty good. This enthusiasm is tempered severely when we encounter extremely difficult and tension filled situations, usually when the questioner is emotional, irritating, intentionally trying to embarrass us, or disrupting the proceedings. Handling emotional questions and questioners is often grueling and gut wrenching.

The questions themselves may be relatively straightforward. It is the emotionalization of the question, or bringing up sensitive topics, that leads to discomfort and, perhaps, a feeling of inadequacy, even fear, in dealing with these situations.

This program is designed to share simple, sensible, positive, and specific techniques that can give you the self-assurance to move ahead. You''ll gain an understanding of the nature and patterns of these tough questioners, while recognizing the emotional triggers that generate irritating behavior. The presentation will involve a seven-step process to deal with emotionally charged situations. It''s a process that helps impose order, purpose, and the useful structuring of information to reduce emotion, help people feel comfortable, and put you in control.

Whether it''s a plant closing, an angry employee meeting, aggravated neighbors, or outraged employees or public officials, this program will help you get a handle on managing the situation more humanely and confidently, for your benefit and for those asking the questions.

These are valuable concepts you can use to coach and teach others.


Organizer PRSA


Thu, Oct. 28, 2004
noon - 1:30 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central


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