Access to Internet-Based Gas Measurement Reports to Help Users Save Time and Money, Improve Productivity

HOUSTON, April 11, 2005 – EMS Pipeline Services, a leading pipeline operations and maintenance service provider, today introduced PGAS-WebView, an Internet-based natural gas meter tracking and data management system designed for upstream production companies as well as pipeline companies. EMS Pipeline Services is a business unit of Energy Maintenance Services Group I, LLC (EMS Group).

Fueled by PGAS®, the widely accepted standard in natural gas measurement systems, PGAS-WebView provides data collection, production control, meter monitoring and reporting from field locations, compressor sites and measurement stations.

“PGAS-WebView bundles industry-standard PGAS software and associated communications options into one convenient and affordable package,” said Art Robbins, chief strategy and information officer for EMS Pipeline Services. “Upstream production companies and pipeline companies get Web-based access to an exceptional meter tracking and data management system without the costs of operating and maintaining the software in-house.”

PGAS-WebView provides early warnings of lost or unaccounted for (LUAF) gas, verifies supplier flow measurements during transmissions, simplifies compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations, improves workforce productivity and enables users to more accurately schedule sales and product receipts.

PGAS-WebView includes the following reports:

●    Morning Reports – By comparing daily volumes in side-by-side columns, these reports allow the user to quickly check system balances to get an early indication of LUAF gas.   

●    Monthly Volume Statements – These American Gas Association-compliant reports reduce administrative costs and eliminate data entry errors by allowing users to invoice straight from the report.

●    EFM Alarm Reports    – These reports provide a timely warning of system upsets while corresponding data create a Chapter 21-compliant audit trail.

●    EFM Event Reports – By providing event descriptions and displaying new and old values to changes in configurations, these reports are essential for full disclosure and creating a Chapter 21-compliant audit trail.

●    Meter Configuration Reports – These reports show reconfiguration of meters and equipment, and displaying changes in corresponding data, helping avoid accounting and reporting errors.

●    Volume Inquiry Reports – By accessing daily records of all meter and meter group activity within a date range, these reports can quickly answer accounting, billing and scheduling questions.

●    Recent Gas Analysis report – These reports contain basic analysis data such as gravity, CO2, nitrogen, and BTU data, leveraging the full functionality of the user’s flow meter equipment with no extra set up.

●    EFM Detailed Volumes – These reports provide hourly EFM records for a contract day and generate detailed graphs, enabling users to quickly see trends and make forecasts based on these handy reports.

PGAS-WebView works with a user’s EFM meters to track data hourly 24-hours a day and make it available through a secure, password-protected Internet portal. For more information about PGAS-WebView or to schedule a demonstration, visit or call 713-595-7625.


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