HOUSTON, May 17, 2007 – Saint Arnold Brewing Company is planning to celebrate the delivery of its first keg of beer 13 years ago. During that period, the Houston-based brewery stuck to a strategy of cultivating a community of customers across Texas who appreciate good beer and making fresh, full-flavored beer for them to enjoy. While other craft breweries tried to quickly become national brands, Saint Arnold has never distributed outside the state of Texas and prefers word-of-mouth to glitzy advertising campaigns.

As a result of this carefully executed strategy that emphasized quality and customer relationships, Saint Arnold Brewing has come a long way. Today the brewery’s staff of 18 dedicated professionals produces 10 flavorful brews, many of which have been judged to be among the finest in the world. And in its 13th year, it is growing more rapidly than ever before.

“Two things are happening that have helped Saint Arnold beers really catch fire: Texas beer drinkers are increasingly embracing full flavored craft beers and customers across the state are learning that Saint Arnold is brewed in Texas and only available in Texas,” said Saint Arnold’s Founder/Brewer, Brock Wagner.

The company is experiencing red hot growth in the Dallas/Fort Worth market, in particular. During the first quarter, sales of Saint Arnold products in the Dallas/Fort Worth market jumped almost 100 percent. Overall, the brewery’s sales increased 35 percent in the first quarter.

“The Dallas/Fort Worth area represents an enormous opportunity for us,” said Wagner. “After 13 years, we are just beginning to scratch the surface there.”

Wagner founded Saint Arnold Brewing Company in 1994 when the investment banker–turned–brewmaster teamed up with a fellow Rice University Alumnus to follow their passion. Looking back over the years, Wagner says he is most proud of the special connection the company has with people throughout Texas.

To celebrate that connection Saint Arnold Brewing will open its doors for a 13th Anniversary Celebration at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 9th. Admission is $30, which includes barbecue and commemorative frosted pint glasses. Attendance is limited, so plan ahead by making reservations.

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Editor’s Note: A photo of Brock Wagner in the brewery’s tasting room is available for download at www.keeneypr.com/files/56"http://www.saintarnold.com">www.saintarnold.com.