Best Web Sites Will Change to Better Serve Increasingly Mobile Web Users

HOUSTON, June 28, 2007 -- As lines begin to form outside stores that will offer the Apple iPhone, the Web marketing experts at Schipul - The Web Marketing Company ( are working furiously to capitalize on the new world of the mobile Web. With its touch screen and zoom-in, zoom-out capabilities, the iPhone is the first wireless phone that advances the Web browsing experience.

"The Web development community is just beginning to grasp what the iPhone means in terms of user behavior and adjustments in Web marketing strategy," said Ed Schipul, CEO and founder of Schipul - The Web Marketing Company. "The most important factor is making sure mobile Web users can access your Web site."

After nearly a decade in the Web marketing field, helping clients anticipate and adapt to change is a constant at Houston-based Schipul. For instance, Google''s popularity signaled a change in how Web users searched for information, which led many companies to embrace Search Engine Optimization. Recognizing the problem of information overload on the Web, Schipul was an early adopter of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) on its client''s sites, enabling organizations to share and consume online content quickly and easily. More recently, many businesses have struggled to leverage the emergence of social media, which encourages users to add and edit text, audio and video Web content.

Similarly, the age of the iPhone and mobile Web browsing devices presents challenges and opportunities.

"Each new interface presents new usability challenges, some of which we can anticipate -- such as the size of the screen -- and others we will learn about over time," Schipul said. "If you want your Web site to be able to effectively communicate with mobile users, it is essential to examine how your site performs on this new platform, listen to your Web audience and move quickly to make necessary changes."

Some early movers are already offering iPhone optimized Web pages on their sites that are narrower (320 pixels) than the typical page. The iPhone can''t accommodate flash or java, so pages that rely on videos or animation will not be viewable. Other methods of iPhone optimization are intended to make downloads speedier, such as keeping page size down and images sparse, at least initially.

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