HOUSTON, Dec. 13, 2004 - Naming rights to stadiums, sporting events and NASCAR teams are old-hat, but now a Houston company is taking the concept down to the grassroots. Saint Arnold Brewing Company, the oldest microbrewery in Texas, has put the naming rights to its new fermenter up for bid on eBay (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5543643133). The company expects plenty of interest from its passionate base of supporters, known as Saint Arnold's Army.

"This could be the perfect Christmas gift for that person who loves Saint Arnold's full-flavored beer," said Brock Wagner, founder and CEO of Saint Arnold Brewing Company. "It's not a money-making venture so much as it is a new and interesting way to enable our grassroots supporters to really be a part of the brewery."

In 2003, the brewery's faithful fans showed just how passionate they are about ensuring a steady supply of tasty beer from Saint Arnold. When the brewery asked for help in funding a $15,000 reverse osmosis system to purify its water, supporters pledged close to $7,500 to offset the cost. Those who donated to the cause have their names displayed on the water tank.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company has a tradition of naming its fermentation tanks after various Saints who have connections with beer through the ages, including St. Adrian, St. Brigid, St. Columbanus, St. Dorothy, St. Edmond, St. Florian, St. Gall, St. Hildegard, St. Idesbald, St. Jacobus, St. Lawrence, St. Matthew.

Wagner said he would only accept bids for naming the tank after a person (although a pet could be deemed acceptable). No bids for naming the tank after a company will be accepted.

The company plans to unveil the newly named tank on Jan. 1.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company's ten brews are made and sold by the company's staff of 13 dedicated employees. The brewery is located at 2522 Fairway Park Drive and its free brewery tour and tasting is offered every Saturday at 1:00 p.m. For more information on Saint Arnold's five year-round and five seasonal beers as well as root beer, log on to http://www.saintarnold.com.