Construction Company Name Withheld Case Study


After a general contractor suffered its second fatal accident at a single jobsite within a week, they were right to be concerned about the long-term ramifications on their reputation and the future of their business. They contacted DPK Public Relations to help protect their reputation and rebuild trust among their customers. Construction contracts totaling more than $1 billion were at risk.


DPK Public Relations quickly developed a multi-dimensional crisis response program. It included the following:

  • Development of key messages.
  • Development and distribution of an initial public statement.
  • Review and update of the company’s website to put greater focus on safety.
  • Development of standby statements to be held in the event of various potential developments.
  • Implementation of media and social media monitoring and rapid response to media inquiries.
  • Development and distribution of support materials, such as company history, fact sheets and documentation of the company’s safety procedures.
  • Coordination of all communications activities with the customer on whose jobsite the accidents occurred.
  • Development of updates to keep other customers informed and to explain the extraordinary steps being taken to ensure safety on all jobsites.


DPK Public Relations provided media training services to prepare the company’s spokespersons for interactions with journalists, government officials and customers. Strategic counsel focused on change management to instill a safety culture throughout the organization. We also worked behind the scenes to encourage the PR/communications staffs of other customers to integrate our messages into their communications. This consistent messaging from all voices diffused rumors and inaccuracies.


As a result of the crisis response program and its willingness to comply with various safety initiatives, the company won approval to return to work within three weeks of the accidents. The company’s humble and compassionate communications, which described specific safety initiatives and improvements, strengthened relationships with customers. All construction contracts were retained. Moreover, a renewed emphasis on safety, continuous improvement  and individual accountability helped to reduce jobsite incidents.