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DPK Public Relations Services include corporate crisis communications planning, response and recovery, proactive and reactive media relations, media relations training, public speaker training, marketing communications and internal communications.

  • Crisis Communications Planning, Response and Recovery - DPK Public Relations' Dan Keeney has been an integral part of helping to plan for the communications and organizational elements of dozens of crises, including product recalls, workforce layoffs, work-related accidents and deaths, plant closings, regulatory crackdowns and environmental mishaps.

  • Media Relations - DPK Public Relations is known for its professional and successful relationships with reporters, editors and producers. The mutual respect is based on our firm''s honesty, accessibility and trust. journalists know that we contact them with story ideas only when they are truly newsworthy. And, they can count on us to respond quickly to inquiries and will provide the information and access they desire.

  • Media Interview Skills Training - DPK Public Relations specializes in providing clients with customized training sprinkled with easy to grasp and remember tips and techniques. We offer clients the perspective of a veteran journalist who is intimately familiar with today's news industry. We stress realism over scare tactics, personalized attention over canned presentations, and hands-on interactive training over lectures.

  • Presentation Skills Training - DPK Public Relations will help you perfect your content and delivery and show you how to make the most of your next speech. We believe that all executives can improve their public speaking skills through a systematic presentation training process.

  • Content Strategy - DPK Public Relations helps clients create highly engaging content that attracts attention and keeps your community coming back for more. With people increasingly turning to their peers as trusted sources of information, every organization should think of itself as a media company. Whether it is your website, blog, Linkedin page, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube channel, your organization needs to be aggressively telling its story in interesting and engaging ways, and DPK Public Relations can ensure this is done strategically and systematically.

  • Internal Communications - DPK Public Relations helps organizations navigate challenging transitions, including mergers and acquisitions, productivity and safety initiatives, reorganizations and restructurings, branding and repositioning efforts, leadership changes, and downsizing. Our programs also rely heavily on face-to-face communication, particularly from front-line managers and supervisors, the most credible and effective performance drivers in an organization. No matter how many employees an organization has, internal motivation is a vital factor that affects the bottom line. It builds morale, enhances productivity and creates team spirit. It also helps recruit and retain qualified people. With our help, companies effectively communicate with employees to drive improvements in productivity, quality, safety, customer loyalty and employee retention.

To discuss how we can help you with PR, Marketing Communications or Crisis Communications in Texas, Oregon or elsewhere in the U.S., contact DPK Public Relations today at 1-800-596-8708.

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