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Save $100 on Media Interview Skills Training

DPK Public Relations' Media Interview Skills Training services prepare executives for media interviews.

DPK Public Relations specializes in providing clients with easy to grasp and remember tips and techniques. We offer clients the perspective of a veteran journalist who is intimately familiar with today's news industry. We stress realism over scare tactics, personalized attention over canned presentations, and hands-on interactive training over lectures.

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You need to understand and master:
  • How to remember your organization's key messages and simplify them into powerful,
    concise sound bites;
  • The art of "bridging," getting your key messages across clearly and repeatedly no matter what questions a journalist asks;
  • How to look comfortable and confident in front of the cameras;
  • When it is appropriate to turn down an interview and when it is a major mistake
    to do so; and
  • The tricks journalists use during interviews to get the juicy stuff you don't necessarily want to discuss. 

A great deal can be accomplished through a positive relationship with the media. A little media training can teach you to project a good image on television, radio or in print interviews - and that can help your business.

If you devote the time and energy to properly preparing for an interview and master the art of subtly controlling the discussion, you will hammer home your key messages. The result will be a credible third party endorsement that is more potent than the slickest advertising campaign.

However, if you fail to properly prepare or misjudge the intentions of a journalist, you can severely damage your organization's most valuable asset: its reputation. In worst cases, botched interviews have swept organizations into crisis management mode.

If you haven't mastered the art of preparing for and participating in media interviews, our media training sessions are perfect for you. We offer sessions for up to four people at a time at one affordable price.

Media Relations Training Seminar Pricing from DPK Public Relations

         -  First session for up to four participants: $1,950 USD plus expenses
         -  Each additional session: $1,600 USD plus expenses

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