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2016 Is the Year to Become a Better Speaker!

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Presentation Skills Training WorkshopGreat public speakers are trained, not born. Through a disciplined and highly interactive process, DPK Public Relations' Presentation Skills Training is designed to increase your confidence and create a powerful public speaker.

Whether public speaking rattles your nerves, or you're a seasoned presenter wanting to sharpen your skills, DPK Public Relations' Public Speaking Training Workshops help you perfect your content and delivery, and show you how to make the most of your next public speaking engagement. We believe that all executives can improve their presentation skills through a systematic presentation skills training process.

Presentation Skills Training Services Pricing from DPK Public Relations:

First full-day session $2,700*

Each additional session: $2,150

Contact DPK Public Relations for more information on Presentation Skills Training at 800.596.8708 or by completing our PR contact form.
Our half-day and full-day Presentation Skills Training curriculum is designed and facilitated by an accredited public relations professional and former broadcast journalist who has trained hundreds of men and women to be more confident and better prepared for presentation situations. Recent clients have included Cisco Systems, ConocoPhillips, Hess, Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc., Glori Oil, NASA - Johnson Space Center and Schipul - The Web Marketing Co., among others.

We cover the following topics in our training series:
  • Why what you look like and how the information is delivered is more important than what you are trying to communicate;
  • How to master the three Ps of presenting: preparation, practice and performance;
  • The importance of knowing your audience and ensuring your presentation addresses their interests and needs;
  • How to structure an effective outline for your presentation to ensure you gain and keep your audience's attention;
  • How to eliminate annoying "audible pauses," such as "um," "ah," "you know" and "like;"
  • How to identify appropriate and powerful personal stories to illustrate the main points in the presentation;
  • The importance of becoming comfortable with matching your facial expressions to your presentation, moving away from the podium and making eye contact with the audience;
  • How body language can make or break your presentation and what you can do to ensure you are projecting confidence;
  • Tips for how to calm your nerves and use nervousness to your advantage; and
  • How to be prepared for anything in the question and answer session.


Speaker Training - At your Location, At Your Convenience

DPK Public Relations' Presentation Skills Training is offered by appointment only. We come to your location at your convenience to address your unique needs. Our training is confidential and is offered to groups of up to four people. We can conduct back-to-back half-day training sessions for the same low full-day price -- making it possible for your organization to have up to eight people complete training in one day.

Through DPK Public Relations' individualized Presentation Skills Training session, we can deal with specific presentation techniques and, when necessary, drill down into specific areas that prove to be particularly challenging or need special attention. We also can focus on the actual content of the presentations these people will be delivering, which builds their comfort level and their confidence. While this is our standard course description, we can provide meaningful training in as little as two hours. We are flexible to the unique needs of each client.

What Particpants Say...

"Overall, I believe it was very helpful to walk through and review yourself on video and Dan was helpful in pointing out certain things that would help deliver the message better. We discussed a huge difference between my first video and third video as a result of listening to and correcting a collection of small things that Dan pointed out could be better. It was a very good experience overall."

"I thought Dan did a good job of breaking the presentation process down into smaller, actionable building blocks when setting objectives for the presentation. Awareness/education - what do you want the audience to know/understand. Beliefs/opinions - what do you want them to believe. Actions/behaviors - what do you want the audience to do. Also, I thought the 3 -dimension message exercise of creating a grid/outline of the major ideas you want to get across and then having a proof point for that idea as well as an anecdote to use , if possible, helps preparation as well as making sure you drive home the important points in a concise, impactful way. The practice exercises were different speaking scenarios (impromptu presentation, more formal presentation and Q&A) that were useful as a benchmark for both things you are be doing well and opportunities for improvement. Additionally, they provided good examples for how to better weave Dan's strategies/tactics into the process."

Public Speaking Training Workshop Pricing from DPK Public Relations:

First full-day (or back-to-back half-day) workshop $2,700*

Each additional workshop: $2,150

Contact DPK Public Relations for more information on Presentation Skills Training at 800.596.8708 or by completing our PR contact form.


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