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High Impact Content Marketing for Powerful Brands

Content is king like never before 

Opportunity_325.jpgPublic relations has changed to adapt to the evolving communications landscape. Traditional media is still powerful and can have enormous impact on public opinion and behavior. However, storytelling is not one dimensional. DPK Public Relations can help your brand articulate ideas and express a point-of-view through words and videos and disseminate via the full spectrum of social channels. 

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Strategic content is valuable to the target, grabs their attention and prompts them to take action. It is the strategic use of words, images and colors to create and strengthen positive feelings about a product or organization. Here are examples from one of our client branding programs: 

  • Click here to review examples of DPK Public Relations' work producing online videos for clients.

  • Click here to review an example of DPK Public Relations' work on a client's annual report.

  • Click here to review an example of our work on a client's corporate brochure.

  • Click here to review an example of how our advertising integrates with our overall campaign.

DPK Public Relations believes in using a combination of marketing methods that build a memorable, unique image in the minds of your prospects. Creativity, consistency and continuity are the keys to sustained success. Our services include:

  • Branding: We work with organizations to define and craft their mission, vision and values and, in the process, identify and capitalize upon unique brand equities.

  • Collateral development: We work with trusted and skilled designers to produce effective brochures and other collateral.

  • Digital media: We work with Web marketing experts to develop high-impact Web sites that help .

  • Tradeshow support: We target specific audiences to ensure that your company gets the most return for its tradeshow investment.

  • Direct mail: We identify the target, write marketing letters, prepare copy for flyers and oversee production and distribution.

  • Speech writing: Our award-winning speech writer analyzes your audience, develops your messages and crafts memorable talking points.

  • Speaking engagements: We identify compelling speech topics, proactively promote your speakers and coordinate speaking engagements with organizations that strategically meet your needs.

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