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Instant Media Training

DPK Public Relations'' Media Interview Skills Training services are designed to build the confidence of your organization''s spokesperson for media interview situations. These are immersive half-day or full-day media training sessions that emphasize realistic media interview scenarios led by a former broadcast journalist.
Why so much time and personal attention? After more than a decade of delivering these services, we have found that the greatest value from media training comes from practice, practice, practice. Through constructive critiques of the interviews, we can identify what you are doing right and build on it and point out what can be improved and work on it. Contact DPK Public Relations for more information on executive level media relations training at 214-432-7556 or 832-467-2904 or by completing our PR contact form.

First full-day session in Texas $2,575*

First full-day session outside Texas $3,595

Each additional session: $2,050

For those who are getting ready for an interview today and can''t wait for Media Interview Skills Training, this video from Australia does a great job of condensing the basics into an easy-to-understand 3-minute overview. 

To schedule your Media Interview Skills Training session today, please complete our PR contact form or call 214-432-7556.
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