HOUSTON, March 16, 2005 – Energy Maintenance Services Group I, LLC (EMS Group) has launched EMS Power Services, which will provide power generation facility operations and maintenance to America’s fossil power industry.

EMS Power Services implements industry best practices to reduce cost of operations, improve quality, improve reliability, and ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements. By engaging EMS Power Services, power generators have more time and resources to focus on core business activities, such as improving heat rate, optimizing dispatch, monitoring performance, managing scheduled maintenance, revenue growth, new capital projects, and customer service.

EMS Group’s stable of energy services businesses has been steadily growing. In 2003, EMS Group launched EMS Pipeline Services. In 2004, EMS Pipeline Services acquired Hanover Measurement Services.

“Our team includes experts with over 20,000 megawatts of operational experience in the domestic and international power industry encompassing natural gas, oil, coal, and all of the major manufacturers of gas turbines, reciprocating engines and circulating fluidized bed technology,” said Tim Nesler, CEO of EMS Group. “When EMS Group established EMS Pipeline Services, we anticipated being able to leverage its skilled workforce and unparalleled expertise across a number of industry segments, and EMS Power Services proves that our marketing and growth strategy is sound.”

With its pipeline O&M expertise, EMS brings a unique combination to the power industry known as its Pipe to PowerTM strategy. For the first time, power generators can utilize EMS’ gas measurement and balancing capabilities as part of an overall power facility O&M plan, which can optimize maintenance schedules and dispatch decisions.

EMS Group has appointed Kevin Holfeld, vice president of business solutions, to launch EMS Power Services. He has previously held positions with Brown & Root, Marathon Power Company and El Paso Merchant Energy.

For more information about EMS Power Services, visit www.emspower.net or call 713-595-7600.


About EMS Power Services

EMS Power Services is an energy operations and maintenance services company that provides asset management, consulting, regulatory compliance, measurement, communications, and web-based data management to the power industry. For more information, visit the Web site: http://www.emspower.net.

About Energy Maintenance Services Group (EMS Group)

Energy Maintenance Services Group is a business development company focused on providing operations and maintenance services to three major segments of the energy industry - pipelines, power, and water facilities.  For more information visit the Web site: www.emsglobal.net.