HOUSTON, Nov 10, 2008 -- Mezeo Software Corporation ( www.Mezeo.com), a Houston based developer of online file services software, announces the availability of Mezeo Personal Cloud Storage(TM) platform v2.0. As the industry's first deployable file storage and collaboration platform, the Mezeo offering enables service providers to quickly leverage the fast-growing online file storage and collaboration market (projected to generate $250 billion over next five years) by offering their own branded file service solution.
This next generation of the Mezeo platform was built upon the highly scalable and secure Mezeo platform v1.0 currently in production at KDDI, one of the largest telecommunications company in the world. "Our customers use the Secure Share product to prevent information leakage," said Mr. Minami, Head of Platform Security Section of KDDI. "The stability and security of the product is extremely important to us. Our customers view us as a trusted partner and thus trust their data to us. Using the Mezeo product we have been able to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers in this challenging high security environment."
The capabilities of the Mezeo platform solution are exposed via clients for the web, for the Windows desktop and for smartphones enabling users to store and access or share files at anytime and from anywhere. Additionally, the Mezeo platform facilitates advanced collaboration capabilities through its "Projects" feature. Multiple users can manage a set of files, sharing and collaborating on them without actually moving the files, and without creating multiple versions of the same file. Collaboration is managed through a central file view ("Projects") while access timeframes and permissions are enforced via the assigned "Roles."
"The availability of the Mezeo Personal Cloud Storage(TM) platform enables service providers to immediately gain entry into a market that is experiencing explosive growth, with a solution built upon proven technology," said Steve Lesem, CEO of Mezeo Software. "At Mezeo, we firmly believe that the wide-spread adoption of these services will only occur if these services are offered by trusted partners such as ISPs, Telcos, Mobile Operators, Cable Companies and Managed Hosting providers."
"The blended life of today's professionals requires that they are able to store and access their files ubiquitously. They seek solutions that can keep up with their life on the move. With its multiple access points, Mezeo PCS makes this happen!" said Dave Lopez, VP of Marketing for Mezeo Software. "SMBs and other business users will find the versatility and functionality of this solution very appealing."
Additional information on the Mezeo Personal Cloud Storage(TM) is available at www.mezeo.com

About Mezeo Software
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Mezeo is the industry's first provider of a deployable platform and white-label solution that enables Mobile Operators, ISPs, Converged Telcos and Managed Hosting providers to immediately monetize Storage as a Service. Designed for small business and prosumer customers, our Personal Cloud Storage(TM) Solution features secure file storage, advanced file sharing and collaboration, content tagging and true anywhere access from an integrated Windows(R) desktop, rich Web 2.0 browsers with BlackBerry(R) smartphone and Windows Mobile(R) native client access. Mezeo is easy to deploy, highly scalable and highly secure, with well designed APIs for platform extensibility. For more information please go to www.mezeo.com or contact David Lopez at dlopez@mezeo.com.