Will discuss the Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform™ at Under the Radar and explain the importance of IT service providers in cloud storage at Cloud Slam ‘09

HOUSTON, April 14, 2009 – Mezeo Software Corp., a software developer of a leading deployable platform for cloud storage, today announced that Steve Lesem, President and CEO; and the founder of cloudstoragestrategy.com has been invited to present at Dealmaker Media’s Under the Radar (UTR) conference and at Cloud Slam ‘09. The two conferences are scheduled later this month and are expected to bring together thought leaders from throughout the cloud storage industry.

At Under the Radar: Clarity in the Cloud, Lesem will discuss what makes Mezeo unique: the deployable Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform that was purpose built for the IT service provider market. At Cloud Slam ’09, Lesem will discuss the future of cloud storage and the critical importance of IT service providers to mass adoption of this emerging technology trend.

“I am looking forward to sharing the Mezeo vision of how cloud storage will develop and how the industry can encourage and accelerate adoption,” said Lesem. “IT service providers – the ones who know the fine points of caring for customer data and providing customer service – are critically important in building the belief among businesses and consumers that cloud storage can be trusted.”

Lesem points to SoftLayer, Inc., one of Mezeo’s Premier Hosting Partners as an IT service provider who “gets it.” Softlayer has successfully completed a cloud storage beta powered by the Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform and plans to enter the cloud storage market this spring, and will also make cloud storage solutions available to resellers.

Mezeo’s proven deployable platform enables IT service providers to quickly and efficiently enter the cloud storage market. Along with and its Mezeo Access Clients, the Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform is purpose built to meet the unique needs of IT hosting providers and MSPs. It uses industry standard hardware and software and is storage agnostic.

Under the Radar: Clarity in the Cloud will feature the most disruptive emerging companies in SaaS, PaaS, virtualization and infrastructure. It will run from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on April 24, 2009. Lesem’s presentation is scheduled for 10:45 a.m. Register online at www.undertheradarblog.com/register

Cloud Slam '09 is the world's largest virtual cloud computing conference, covering technology, business models and industry implementation experiences, among other topics. It will take place April 20-24, 2009. Lesem’s presentation is scheduled for 4:00 p.m. on April 21st. For more information, visit www.cloudslam09.com

About Mezeo Software

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Mezeo is the industry’s leading provider of a deployable platform for cloud storage that enables IT Hosting providers, Managed Service Providers, SaaS Providers, and converged Telcos to immediately monetize Storage as a Service. Our Cloud Storage Platform Solutions include Cloud Storage with Web services APIs, Access Cloud, SaaS Cloud and Personal Cloud Storage.  These solutions feature secure file storage, advanced file sharing and collaboration, content tagging and true anywhere access from an integrated Windows desktop, rich Web 2.0 browsers and iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile native client access. Mezeo is easy to deploy, highly scalable and highly secure, with well-designed APIs for platform extensibility. For more information go to www.mezeo.com.