DALLAS, January 3, 2007 – NōKA Chocolate, ranked ‘#1 luxury chocolate in the world’ by the food editors of TASTE, today introduced new packaging for its Encore Boxes™. With a hinged, telescoping lid, NōKA Chocolate’s new black and silver Encore Box™ is a keepsake that will serve as a reminder of the gift of fine chocolate for years to come.

Presentation is an important element of the NōKA Chocolate experience. Each NōKA Chocolate gift is an experience that begins with unique and elegantly designed gift boxes and encourages an appreciation by all the senses including the look, aroma, flavor and texture of our chocolates and truffles.

“The NōKA Chocolate experience takes into account the entire ceremony of gift giving, and this begins with our unique packaging,” said Noah Houghton, president of NōKA Chocolate. “By redesigning our Encore Boxes™ as a keepsake, we ensure that magical moments and memories can be enjoyed long into the future by both the person who gives the gift of NōKA Chocolate and by the person who receives the gift.”

Just as NōKA’s couverture, from which it handcrafts its dark chocolates and truffles, is made to the Company’s strict specifications, with NōKA specifying the source ingredients, the region from which the ingredients are sourced and the process by which the couverture is made, so too must the Company’s packaging meet the highest standards of quality.

The new Encore Boxes™ will continue to present NōKA Chocolate’s Vintages Collection™, a compilation of the finest single-estate dark chocolates, and The Grand Cru Collection™, handcrafted truffles made with rare, single-estate dark chocolate and fresh organic cream. Mixed collections are also available. The Vintages Collection™ is available in the following sizes: 4-piece, 12-piece, 24-piece, 48-piece and 96-piece. The Grand Cru Collection™ is available in 2-piece, 8-piece, 16-piece and 24-piece sizes.

In addition to the redesigned Encore Boxes™, NōKA presents its truffles and chocolates in captivating handcrafted stainless-steel Signature Boxes™.

Prices range from $16 to $234.

Editor’s Note: High resolution photos are available. The new 12-piece Encore Box can be downloaded at www.dpkpr.com/files/51"http://www.dpkpr.com/files/52">www.dpkpr.com/files/52"center"># # #

About NōKA Chocolate
NōKA Chocolate is an artisan chocolatier dedicated to handcrafting truffles and chocolates made with rare, single-estate dark chocolate. The Company was founded by passionate advocates for gourmet chocolate who are devoted to encouraging an appreciation for chocolate quality and purity as well as the optimal tasting and gifting experience. For further information, visit NōKA’s online boutique at