HOUSTON, Feb. 13, 2007 – Before founding Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Brock Wagner satisfied his thirst for full flavored beers by making them himself as a homebrewer. Now, he is sharing his passion with other homebrewing enthusiasts from across Texas. On February 18th, Saint Arnold Brewing will host a membership rally for the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) that will bring together homebrewers, beer enthusiasts and professional brewers.

The rise of craft brewing has helped propel the burgeoning homebrewing movement in America. According to the AHA, there are at least 500,000 active homebrewers in the United States and the numbers are growing. The AHA’s membership jumped 20 percent last year.

“Homebrewing is part art and part science, so it’s invaluable to have access to a community of homebrewers to bounce around ideas,” said Wagner, who famously dabbled with homebrewing in his Rice University dorm room. “We owe many of the taste innovations in craft brewing to homebrewers, so it is important that we continue to encourage the emergence of a craft brewing culture in Texas.”

Wagner serves on the board of directors of the Brewers Association, which oversees the AHA. The Brewers Association works to link professional and amateur brewers to advance appreciation for craft brewing.

Saint Arnold Brewing has a long history of cultivating the homebrewing movement in Texas. Each year it hosts the Big Batch Brew Bash, which is the biggest single-style home brewing competition in the world. In fact, last year’s winning recipe served as the inspiration for Saint Arnold Divine Reserve No. 3, which was met with intense demand and sold out in days. Another winning entry from the 1990s served as the basis for Saint Arnold Winter Stout, which became one of the brewery’s five seasonal offerings.

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Editor’s Note: A photo of Brock Wagner sitting in the brewery’s tasting room is available for download at www.keeneypr.com/files/56"http://www.saintarnold.com">www.saintarnold.com.