Web Site Offers Answers for Youngsters and Adults Suffering From Improper Training and Overuse

HOUSTON, June 20, 2007 -- Schipul - The Web Marketing Company (www.schipul.com), a Web marketing solutions provider, is flexing its medical muscles with the launch of a new medical Web site for Walter Lowe, M.D., a specialist in sports medicine. The new site, www.drloweshoulder.com, features educational videos, surgery prep information and articles to provide patients with an in-depth look at healing and preventive processes.

Dr. Lowe''s new Web site focuses primarily on the shoulder, one of the most complex joints in the body and a focal point of concern among health experts. A recent surge in the number of serious arm and shoulder injuries -- particularly among young pitchers -- has prompted widespread concern about overuse and improper training. In fact, Little League Baseball International responded by instituting its first mandatory pitch limits.

"Shoulder and elbow injuries that used to be reserved for adults are being experienced by teenagers in alarming numbers," said Dr. Lowe, the Medical Director for the newly established Roger Clemens Institute for Sports Medicine and Human Performance in Houston. "Our new Web site is designed to make it easy for families to understand what''s wrong and learn about potential treatments."

Dr. Lowe''s new shoulder-focused Web site is powered by Tendenci® (www.tendenci.com), a Web-based suite of applications that automates and simplifies many aspects of Web site management. For instance, Tendenci provides an easy-to-use Content Management System on every page to enable Dr. Lowe''s staff to update the site without the inconvenience of going through a Web site administrator. Also, Tendenci''s automated search engine optimization functionality makes sure the pages can be found by Google and other major search engines.

Tendenci is developed and marketed by Schipul - The Web Marketing Company.

"More patients and their families are using the Web to gather information, check credentials and narrow their selections prior to ever contacting a physician," said Ed Schipul, president and CEO of Schipul - The Web Marketing Company. "We applaud Dr. Lowe for offering information that will help guide treatment decisions and go a long way toward preventing future injuries."

Dr. Lowe is certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery and completed a fellowship at the renowned Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles. He spent a year studying under surgeon Dr. Frank Jobe, who pioneered the procedure now known as Tommy John surgery. Dr. Lowe serves as the head team physician for the Houston Texans, the University of Houston, Houston Baptist University and many area high schools. He is also orthopedic knee and shoulder consultant for the Houston Rockets. His office can be reached at (713) 986-5590.

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