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Social Media Mistakes Can Hurt Your Business

  Barry Shlachter with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram recently reported on the story of the owner of a new brew pub who let his frustrations with his kitchen staff get the better of him. We've all heard the classic advice ...
Author: Dan Keeney
Phone: (214) 432-7556

Johnson & Johnson Redefines Crisis Response Again

27 years after Johnson & Johnson rewrote the book on crisis communication response, the company is back in the spotlight. No deaths, no tampering, just hurt feelings. The question is: was the inevitable apology acceptable?
Author: Dan Keeney
Phone: (832) 467-2904
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DPK Public Relations President Comments on Michael Vick Apology in Esquire

Dan Keeney of DPK Public Relations cuts Michael Vick some slack in this article in Esquire, in which reporter Meryl Rothstein contacted five experts in the field of apologies to rate Mr. Vick''s four-and-a-half minute adventure in public contrition.
Author: Meryl Rothstein
Phone: (212) 649-4172
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