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A recent survey found that recent graduates lack the ability to write effectively. Today''s undergrads have a tainted view of the role of public relations, influenced by Lizzie Grubman and her ilk and programs such as "Power Girls," which suggest that PR consists primarily of late night entertaining and shoving clients in front of waiting paparazzi.

As Karl Rove is learning, never go off-the-record unless you can live with the possibility that you won’t remain anonymous. While the Rove story is likely to shed new light on the dangers of providing background information to journalists, this article reflects on the revelation of the identity of Watergate''s Deep Throat and its implications for all media sources.

Washington Post staff writer Howard Kurtz has suggested that the journalism profession has been demoralized by developments surrounding anonymous sources, accusations of plagiarism and other high profile misdeeds. For organizations and their public relations counselors interested in communicating powerful messages through the media, it is important to understand the dynamics that are evolving in newsrooms.

Newspaper columnists from across the country decended upon the D-FW area this week, providing important lessons for public relations pros who bothered to listen. Tony Messenger of the Columbia Daily Tribune reported on how his trip to the Sixth Floor Museum brought into focus how the tools and behavior of journalists have changed dramatically in the past half century.